Performances by Marina and friends

Although Marina is more comfortable ‘behind the scenes’ as a designer and maker, over the years she has performed with ‘Bad Altitude stilt collective’ and also as a solo performer, both on Stilts and in a performance art capacity.

Her stilt walking journey started when she was asked to design and build stilt performers costumes for Public Dreams Society and Mortal Coil Society – she realized that to be able to design costumes that would be practical for the performer, she would need to know what it felt like to be up on stilts – so she built her own pair of stilts and then learned to walk and dance on them, eventually performing professionally at festival and parades. More recently she has been incorporating the use of ‘ground’ performance in costume into rites and celebrations she is creating.

A night for all souls0069 5 4 1 2 DSC_7013 Marina costume nansa Mending the Planet performance