Theatre and Performance

Marina Szijarto is an award wining professional artist in the Canadian theatre and performance community with over 20 years of experience creating costumes and sets for productions by The Electric Company, Theatre Replacement, NeWorld Theatre, The Caravan Farm Theatre/The National Arts Centre, Mascal Dance, Karen Jamison Dance, Zee Zee Theatre, Ruby Slippers, Carousel Theatre, Headlines Theatre, Miscellaneous Productions, Musical Theatre Works, Mortal Coil and Leaky Heaven Circus, Holy Body Tattoo/Vision Inpure as well as for many lower mainland festivals, the Vancouver Olympics, the Arctic Winter Games and Vancouver Moving Theatre’s ‘Downtown Eastside Community Play’.

Since 2002, Marina has worked with Studio 58’s theatre program as a costume designer – teaching costume design and construction to students for over nine of their mainstage productions.

The Vancouver professional theatre community has recognized Marina’s creative contributions by awarding her two Jessie Richardson Awards, and seven Jessie nominations for outstanding costume design, set design and mask/puppet design.

Costumes and Set

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